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Erza Scarlet

Thanks for the ask :) Here are my headcanons for Titania :)

  • She’s really protective of Kagura and Milianna. She consider them the little sisters she never had
  • She doesn’t want to be scary, but since she’s social awkward she ends up scaring people off
  • The only fear Erza has is Ichiya..naked xD
Ren Kougyoku ;)

Thanks for the ask :) 

It was difficult to choose only three headcanons, since Kougyoku is one of my favourite characters but here I go:

  • She’s jealous of how close Hakuryuu and Hakuei seem to be and she wishes she could be that close with her own siblings
  • She exchanges letters with Alibaba and she always opens her letters with” dear friend” because to her is really important to finally have her very first friend
  • Sometimes she wishes she had a female friend but then she’s not very social so she can’t go befriend some girls.
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more Hakuryuu headcanons please! He's one of my favourite characters :)

Since you asked here are some of my headcanons for him :)

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hakuryuu ren

Here are my headcanons for  Hakuryuu :3

  • Even though he considers Alibaba his rival, he deeply respects him. But he would strongly deny it if anybody asked him
  • He feels embarassed when he remembers his confession to Morgiana and still wants to confess again one day.
  • Among his cousins, he dislikes Kouen the most. 

(Thanks for the ask, anon-san. I could write headcanons for Haku all day~~)

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Put the name of a fictional character in my ask and I’ll give you my top 3 favorite headcanons for them

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